“Where Doomed by Cartoon differs from previous books about Boss Tweed is its focus on looking at circumstances and events as Thomas Nast visualized them in his 160-plus cartoons, almost like a serialized but intermittent comic book covering 1866 through 1878. It has been organized to tell the Nast vs. Tweed story so that ordinary readers with an interest in politics, history and/or cartoons — or just in a uniquely caricatured political adventure story — will enjoy it.”

- John Adler

“No other political cartoonist throughout our history has dominated American consciousness as much as Thomas Nast. He is remembered as a heroic loner who toppled the powerful with the most unassuming of weapons: a pen.”

“In this book, John Adler has done a great service — bringing together into one volume all of Nast's Tweed Ring cartoons and the serial story behind them. Here for the first time we can observe the awesome breadth and impact of Nast's campaign, and appreciate anew why Nast is and always will be America's greatest political cartoonist.”

- Richard Samuel West, political cartoon historian

Contemporary Praise For Thomas Nast

“To Mr. Nast it is hardly possible to award too much praise. He has carried political illustrations … to a pitch of excellence, … and has secured for them an influence on opinion such as they never came near having in any country. It is right to say that they brought the rascalities of the Ring home to hundreds of thousands who would never have looked at the figures and printed denunciations … ”

- E. L. Godkin The Nation - November 23, 1871

“ … A man who can appeal powerfully to millions of people with a few strokes of the pencil, must be admitted to be a great power in the land. No writer can possibly possess a tenth part of the influence which Mr. Nast exercises.”

- The New-York Times - March 30, 1872

“I don't care a straw for your newspaper articles; my constituents don't know how to read, but they can't help seeing them damned pictures.”

- Boss Tweed - November 1870